Navigating and Filtering Your Library

Wanting to know how to navigate your library?


Navigating and Filtering Your Library  

Display your library in list view or tile view
How to sort your library list.
How to filter your library.
Viewing a title's information and files.
Opening a file.



List View and Tile View

You can display your library either in the original list view or in the tile view. To toggle between the two views click on the icon to the left of select all:


The selected view option will turn red when active. Clicking on the four squares will toggle the tile view. Clicking on the three links will toggle the list view. 


List View: The original view. Creates a lists of titles with title cover, title, publisher, rule system, and then status icon



Tile View: Displays a large icon of the title cover, status icon is in the center, and at the bottom is title, publisher and rule system information. 



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Sorting your library

You can sort your library by purchase date, title, publisher, or rule system in either descending (Z - A) or ascending (A - Z) order . Just click on the sorting option drop down located between select all and the search (there will be an icon with an arrow pointing down next to a list of lines), and then select the option you want to use to sort. 



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Filtering your library

There are a few ways to filter your library if you are looking for something specific or want to know the status of a title.

All - Will display your entire library.



Downloaded - Will display titles that have files downloaded



Not Downloaded - Will display only titles that have any files not downloaded yet



Keyword Search - Will display titles that have a match in their title, publisher, or rule system to the keyword(s) that was entered in the search bar.



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Viewing title information

The title information page contains a larger thumbnail of the title’s cover, the publisher, the rule system, the date you downloaded the file(s), the date of the title’s last update and the list of all the files that the title has.  This page is also where you can delete, download, or retry failed downloads of the individual files. 

To access this page click on the i icon in list view, or the bottom red and gray section that has the title, publisher and rule information in tile view. If a title has multiple files then clicking anywhere on the title bar or cover will go to the title information page.



Clicking on a file name will open that file. Clicking on the red and white trash can icon will delete a file. Clicking the blue and white arrow icon will download a file. Clicking the white and blue curved arrow will retry to download a failed download. 



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Opening your files

If a title has a single file then clicking on the title bar in list view or on the cover in tile view will open the file for that title in your selected viewer. (Please note there may be some limitations for usable viewers in the mobile versions)

When a title has multiple files, then it will take you to the title information page. Once there you click on the file name that you want to open.


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