ZIP files

Struggling to open a ZIP file?


In some instances, the products you are downloading may come in a ZIP file which have to be "unzipped" or "extracted" to allow you to access the files it contains. 

Most computers today come with a zip utility, you should be able to right click on the ZIP file and choose to "Extract all" and choose a location where the files will be saved and Click Extract and a new file will be created that you can open and access the files it contains.:1.png


If your computer doesn't have a built in ZIP utility, we suggest 7-Zip which is a free download. Once you have a zip utility installed, just right click on the file and choose to "extract all" and a new file will be created which should contain the files.

If you continue to run into problems please let us know your order number, the titles of the products you are trying to download and the error that you are seeing (a screenshot could be very helpful) and we can look for a different solution.

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